Future Hispanic Leaders of America

Organizational Purpose

A. To help reduce the drop-out rate in Idaho schools and promote higher education.

B. To stimulate Hispanics in becoming more involved in school and community activities.

C. To motivate Hispanic students to reach their maximum potentials and enhance the development of leaders in schools and communities.

D. To promote unity within schools and communities and promote Hispanic culture.

E. To promote awareness of the consequences of alcohol and substance abuse. 

2017-2018 State Officers

President - Julia Santiago (Homedale High School)

Vice President - Nelly Gonzalez (Homedale High School)

Secretary - Elizabeth Gomez (Vallivue High School)

Treasurer - Fernando Gutierrez (Parma High School)

Events Coordinator - Wendy Solis (Vallivue High School)

Historian - Kimberly Cibrian (Parma High School)
Sergeant At Arms - Carlos Castaneda (Parma High School)

2016-2017 State Officers

President - Edgar Rosales (Vallivue High School)

Vice President - Joelle Perez (Vallivue High School)

Secretary - Eric Ramirez (Caldwell High School)

Treasurer - Francisco Bautista (Parma High School)

Events Coordinator - Julia Santiago (Homedale High School)

Historian - Ileana Nuñez (Caldwell High School)

2015-2016 State Officers

President - Maya Correa (Homedale High School)

Secretary - Jason Buenrostro (Homedale High School)

Treasurer - Edgar Rosales (Vallivue High School)

Events Coordinator - Carlos Garcia (Vallivue High School)

Historian - Antonio Gallegos (Parma High School)

2014-2015 State Officers

President - Crystal Gallegos (Parma High School)
Vice-President - Jesenia Chavez (Vallivue High School)
Secretary - Jennifer Bautista (Homedale High School)
Treasurer - Aisha Orozco (Vallivue High School)
Events Coordinator - Carlos Garcia (Vallivue High School)
Historian - Edgar Rosales (Vallivue High School)

2013-2014 State Officers
President - Jose Cordova (Caldwell)
Vice President - Efrain Venegas (Canyon Ridge)
Secretary - Crystal Gallegos (Parma)
Treasurer - Eduardo Pelallo (Vallivue)
Events Coordinator - Gardenia Cuano (Vallivue)
Historian - Leslie Albor (Homedale)

2012-2013 State Officers
President - Eulalia Gallegos (Parma)
Vice President - Alex Albor
Secretary - Mariza Fernandez
Treasurer - Eduardo Pelallo (Vallivue)
Events Coordinator - Jose Cordova (Caldwell)
Historian - Ellie Albor
2011-2012 State Officers
President - Eulalia Gallegos (Parma)
Vice President - Jasmin Barba (Caldwell)
Secretary - Areli Arteaga (Parma)
Treasurer - Gaby Albor (Homedale)
Events Coordinator - Cristina Gonzalez (Homedale)
Historian - Sendy Arteaga (Parma)

2010-2011 State Officers
President - Irma Gallegos (Parma)

2009-2010 State Officers
President - Hortencia Flores (Parma)
Vice President - Maria Perez (Vallivue)
Secretary - Claudia Castañeda (Vallivue)
Events Coordinator - Alejandra Ramirez (Vallivue)
Historian - Gloria Zamudio (Columbia)

2008-2009 State Officers
President - Laura Diaz (Parma)
Vice President - Daniela Lopez (Vallivue)
Secretary - Maria Perez (Vallivue)
Treasurer - Paloma Sanchez (Columbia)
Events Coordinator - Hortencia Flores (Parma)
Historian - Anjelica Ramirez (Parma)

2007-2008 State Officers
President - Ricky Guadarrama (Mountain Home)
Vice President - Alberto Duarte (Glenns Ferry)
Secretary - Laura Diaz (Parma)
Treasurer - Silvino Jimenez (Vallivue)
Events Coordinator - Daisy Aguilera (Homedale)
Historian - Noel Solano (Weiser)

2006-2007 State Officers
President - Evelyn Juarez (Vallivue)
Vice President - Alberto Villagomez (Jerome)
Secretary - Edileni Guerrero (Glenns Ferry)
Treasurer - Ricky Guadarrama (Mountain Home)
Events Coordinator - Angelica Ramirez (Parma)
Historian - Estrella Pedroza (Payette)

2005-2006 State Officers
President - Cruz Gallegos (Parma)
Vice President - Zach Ynigez (Parma)
Secretary - Myriam Rodriguez (Weiser)
Treasurer - Ricky Guadarrama (Mountain Home)
Events Coordinator - Maria Gallegos (Parma)
Historian - Evelyn Juarez (Vallivue)


FHLA was co-founded by Luis Caloca (Vallivue High), Jose Soto (Glenns Ferry High), and James Velasquez (Valley High) in April 1997. These students were gathered at the Hispanic Youth Symposium and saw the need to unite in order to meet the challenges Hispanic students face in school. With the help of Ernie Guerra, the first meeting was held at Twin Falls High School. The first meeting met the challenge of setting the foundation for the organization. We have grown from an initial 4 schools and 13 members to 18 schools and hundreds of members throughout Southern Idaho. As we continue to organize and become more influential, we hope to share this opportunity with even more students.